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At Renaissance Builders, all of our business dealings and client interactions are guided by our core philosophy of "let your yes be yes and your no be no." When we make a commitment to you, as our client, and to your dream, as our project, you can rest assured that we will not let you down. At every stage in the process, we will over deliver. Time and again, our clients have been thrilled by how closely their experience in the end matches our promise at the beginning. We believe in, practice, and deliver on ideas that for many other builders are only lofty promises, such as "Quality never takes shortcuts." "Always go the extra mile." "God is in the details." and "Timing is everything." Our unwavering commitment to our business philosophy has created many satisfied clients. We never lose sight of our vision so that we won't lose sight of your vision.

We collaborate with a large network of architectural, design, and trade professionals. This collaboration enables us to offer our clients a complete turn-key service. Whether your project is a modest remodel of an existing space or a grand, new home, you can rest in the knowledge that Renaissance Builders has everything you need to make your dreams and visions a tangible reality.

We don't stay in one particular lane of design or architectural style. We accept a wide variety of projects with diverse design and architectural styles. Although CEO and principal builder, Mike Simmons, has a well-developed aesthetic sense that is rare among builders, he only ever offers and never imposes his own style preferences on his clients. This openness to many styles in conjunction with his constant and humble collaboration with a wide variety of professionals has led to a diverse and award-winning portfolio of work.


Mike Simmons' professional journey began at the age of eighteen when he completed the course of study at the Carpenter's Union Tradesman Program to become a master carpenter. After honing his skills in framing, finish carpentry, and form work, he moved on to the more complex detail work of custom cabinetry. During his years as a custom cabinet maker, Mike worked closely with luxury custom home builders and owners. His good listening skills and natural eye for detail enabled him to easily translate his clients' visions into beautiful, one-of-a-kind, highly functional cabinetry.

More than a decade after becoming a master carpenter, Mike moved to Phoenix, Arizona and also moved from the narrow scope of cabinetry to the broader scope of custom home building. Over the decades since Mike became a licensced contractor, he has collaborated with multiple accomplished custom home builders, cultivated an elaborate network of architectural, design, and trade professionals, and gained the kind of seasoned expertise that only comes with time. Now, even after decades of custom home building and remodeling, Mike's passion for his work and enthusiasm to serve his clients is just as strong as ever. He builds every home as if it were his own home and he treats every client as his friend.
Renaissance Builders CEO
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Our projects are the result of a dynamic collaboration between the vision of the client, the parameters of the building site, the needs of the greater community, and the expertise of Renaissance Builders. In our experience, time and again, the end product is always greater than the sum of its parts.


Phil Vasquez
Russell Stone Masonry

My name is Phil Vasquez, president of Russell Stone Masonry. I have worked with Mike Simmons for 6 years now with a couple of different General Contractors and have had a great experience. Mike is extremely knowledgeable of the Custom Home building sector. I would highly recommend Mike for any remodeling or new Custom Home Construction projects. I am currently working with Mike on a nice remodel in north Scottsdale. We should be able to complete this remodel in approximately 6 months, which is a great time frame. Thank you!

Jerry Spencer
Serenity Construction & Development

Mike’s thorough knowledge of every aspect of the Home Building / Remodeling process, as well as his commitment to maintaining high standards, and stellar project management, have made him an excellent Builder to work with over the last twenty years. As a Subcontractor you appreciate the Builders who take the extra time to personally work with both the Homeowner and the Subcontractor at every stage of the project to ensure all questions are answered as they arise, materials are preselected, schedules maintained, and quality control is continually being monitored.

Aideen T. Finnola
Home Owner

My husband and I purchased a home that had not been updated for over a decade. We waited so long to update the home that cabinet doors and faucet handles had begun to fall off. We decided to "rip the band aid off in one quick motion" and remodel the whole home at once instead of doing it room by room. An interior designer friend recommended Mike Simmons. We interviewed Mike in addition to several other reputable builders. I knew after only a few minutes of conversation that I would hire Mike. He just "got me" and understood my vision for our full remodel and required very little explanation on my part. He was also very direct about which ideas of mine would work and which ones wouldn't or would need to be modified. I really appreciated his open and honest communication style. Throughout the whole project, clear to the end, Mike over-delivered. I was amazed by how well he coordinated his small army of sub-contractors and trades people. We did not lose a single day where no one was working on our home. Additionally, all of the sub-contractors and trades people who came into my home were just as professional as Mike. We couldn't have been more thrilled with our experience from the very beginning to the end result of working with Mike Simmons and Renaissance Builders. The remodel was exactly what we had imagined. All of our friends were jealous!

Brian Roberts
Account Manager - Hughes Supply

It is a rarity to see such a great personally involved guy in this industry, but over the past several years in working with Mike Simmons he has always been intimately involved with every project from beginning to the end. He has consistently provided assurances along the way to our clients that the job would be completed with integrity and lived up to this challenging commitment. He is patient and easy to work with.

Mike has been instrumental in making certain that the projects be completed on time. Despite the very aggressive schedule, He is always calm and able to accommodate the owner’s requests be it logistics, or modifications. Mike has a vast understanding of construction and design and has always coordinated the work flawlessly. I would recommend him on your any of your upcoming projects.  

Paul Noble
Elevation Window & Door

Mike Simmons has been a client of Elevation Window & Door for over five years and the projects we have worked on together all went unbelievably well, simply due to his organization, communication and broad knowledge of construction. Mike has been one of our easiest customers to do business with and without a doubt, we would strongly encourage and recommend him to all. He is the real deal and no sugar coating. He speaks with integrity and honesty, always, even when the going gets tough.

Pat Turberg
7705 e. Doubletree Ranch Rd., Scottsdale, AZ

Mike has done excellent work in our home. He helped plan a state of the art master bathroom for us. His work staff executed the plans and cleaned up after work. Mike oversaw the project diligently. He is a skillful contractor whom I highly recommend.


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